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What’s happening with construction financial and business management software as we settle into 2024?  

With the ongoing demand for skilled workers and continued supply chain issues, construction companies are looking to technology to bridge the gap with help managing their business and maximizing profits. In 2023, there was a growing trend in construction companies to utilize financial software solutions to remove some of the manual aspects of running a business and maximize opportunities for things like purchasing control and streamlining payments. Many companies continue to find that to stay competitive they must improve their internal processes and financial management.  

A newly released study of construction trends by AvidXchange shows that technology will continue to impact finance departments in 2024. Digital tools, data analytics and new real-time payment platforms can boost productivity, mitigate fraud risks, and better inform decision-making. The findings are significant as construction companies move to streamline financial processes. See the full report by AvidXchange HERE >>> 

Taking full advantage of financial management software is a huge opportunity for construction companies in 2024. The biggest challenge is to understand not only what the business needs now but what the business will need as it grows.   

ETHOSystems can help when it comes to finding and using the right financial business management software tools. We can mitigate construction woes with our customized accounting, financial, and management solutions utilizing Sage Construction and Real Estate software and complimentary products such as AvidXchange’s accounts payable automation software which offers:  

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