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Should you convert your Single Member LLC to an S-Corporation?

Submitted by Bryan Eto, CPA BeachFleischman The federal self-employment (SE) tax just keeps going higher and higher. If you’ve reached the breaking point, there may be a way to tame the SE tax beast by converting your existing unincorporated small business into an S corporation. How to evaluate the option If you’re a self-employed individual — meaning …

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Don’t Underestimate: Building Information Modeling (BIM)

‘BIM’ around the block! Building information modeling (BIM) has been around for about 50 years now (Wikipedia). Yes! You read that right – 50 years. Though in the 1970s when the concept was developed, BIM (as we know it today) wasn’t really implemented until the late 1980s. So I guess we can say, it has …

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Strategically plan a software lifecycle

by Joanie Hollabaugh, Sr. Director of Marketing and Mark Jensen, Director of Business Development Planning a Company Growth Strategy If you’ve ever been through a Strategic Planning exercise for your company (and I highly recommend it), you are instructed to brainstorm your goals and KPIs in phases. Often companies are so caught up in the …

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The Power of Software Integration

Integration: The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts Adding an application that fully and properly integrates with your primary data will expand your capabilities! Realize the potential in the power of software integration. Think about your software and what was implemented first – General Ledger, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Job Cost. You might also …

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Safeguard your Sage software from cyber threats

Borrow from the ‘biggies’ when it comes to cybersecurity Cybersecurity is a significant priority for everyone these days. It can also be a complex and confusing issue. Like many business problems, the best way to start is with an overall strategy. Googling “cybersecurity” produces some interesting information about the variety of strategies. And to be …

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Beyond the Income Statement

by Pam Schulz, Sage Certified Consultant 5 things to know about your numbers Smart owners and managers use standard financial reports to study profitability and organizational health. But by looking beyond the Income Statement, you can find critical information to improve Estimating and Project Management. 1.  What is my Margin (Gross Profit)? How does this …

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Software Performance Versus Function

by Joanie Hollabaugh, Sr. Director of Marketing Is your Sage CRE software idling or racing along? Any Professional Services organization’s goal should be more than implementing new software or training staff to do efficient data entry. A true partner has a loftier mission, based upon a client’s business needs. And that means maintaining an ongoing …

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Service and Specialty Contractors’ Business Needs

Specialty versus General Contracting Service and specialty contractors have complex and highly specialized business needs. Examples of these ‘specialty’ contractors include electrical, HVAC, plumbing, roofing, siding and sheet metal, landscaping, painting, carpentry, concrete, excavation, drywall, masonry, and flooring. In contrast to general contractors, who typically focus on longer-term, large-scale jobs, service and specialty-oriented companies have …

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Subscription versus Purchased Software

by Mark Jensen What’s the Difference? Choosing software for your construction company today includes more deployment options than you had in the past. Today, you choose the software that works for your business needs with the best price — and you are all set, right? Not so fast! The choice between purchased licenses installed locally on your …

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Famous Project Management Fails

Is perception, reality? While researching successful versus failed construction projects, some really interesting examples came to light. Consequently, these mega-projects caused me to wonder – what is the true measure of project management outcomes? Let’s consider some really famous project management fails. 1,457% over budget – the Sydney Opera House For example, one of the …

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