Do You Own Sage Basic Estimating in Sage 100 Contractor? #StopMeIfYou’veHeardThis

Do you own Sage Basic Estimating in Sage 100 Contractor and not use it?  If so, you may be missing out on a world of benefits.

Sage Basic Estimating is unique because it makes Sage 100 Contractor one of the only systems that uses a common parts database for estimating, purchasing, and inventory control.  You may not think that is important but ask yourself:  How much time do we spend in project runover from estimating to accounting?  How much time is spent manually creating purchase orders or subcontracts after the information has already been created once in an estimating system?  Are you doing small jobs where a work order would be useful, but you don’t have a work order system?

Some companies using Sage estimating have found that it is much more valuable to push an entire estimating from Sage Estimating into the 9-5 takeoff screen just so they can use the automation of Sage 100 Contractor to auto create purchase orders, subcontracts, etc.  If you want to know how to do this, just talk to your Ethosystems client representative.

Other companies use Sage Basic Estimating as a product configurator.  The structure of parts and assemblies makes an ideal incubator for product configuration.  Think of Sage Basic Estimating as a giant Lego Set for software.  You can have individual components (parts), More complex kits of parts with formulas to manipulate them, (Assemblies), Groupings of the assemblies to eliminate having to pull everything in separately, (export grid) and entire takeoffs (templates).

Ask your ETHOSystems advisor how to best use Sage 100 Contractor Basic Estimating. Just get in touch HERE>>

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