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February: The Technology Issue

  • Life before texting and Facebook?
  • Getting geeky! Annual nuggets from the 2019 Annual Construction Technology Report
  • New cloud-based Sage Intacct platform for construction
  • Do your tools ever ‘walk off’ your jobs? You’re going to LOVE the new Sage ToolsOp app!
  • Awesome ‘Tips + Tricks’ for Accounting | Sage 300 CRE | Sage 100 CON | Estimating

‘Foursquare’ and Twenty Years…

by Joanie Hollabaugh, Sr. Director of MarketingAI-speaker

“Hey Siri, run payroll.”

Can you believe texting is only 20 years old? What did we do for information before 2001, when Wiki was launched? How did we spend our free time before Facebook? How did we drive anywhere without GPS and voice assistance? And how will technology for construction change?

The construction industry has been known as notorious laggards regarding technology adoption. But it’s slowly changing (as you will see in the ConTech report). Check out some of these innovative developments which have helped drive construction growth and efficiencies.

Cross your fingers that business processes in the future will be as easy as speaking to an AI device while sipping your drone-delivered coffee!

Some technology firsts back in the early 2000s:


  • GPS was made available for the public (previously only for military use)
  • AT&T introduces text messaging for mobile phones


  • The first iPods and Xboxes became available
  • Wikipedia launched


  • Blue Rays and DVRs became available
  • Safari launched
  • Android founded


  • Facebook and Firefox launched


  • You Tube launched
  • XBox 360 introduced to the market


  • twitter launched
  • Nintendo Wii became available


  • iPhone introduced
  • Kindle disrupted the publishing industry


  • AirBNB disrupted the hotel industry
  • Google Chrome released


  • Bitcoin went global
  • Uber disrupted the taxi/limo industry


  • IPAD

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2019 Annual Construction Technology Report

For the eighth year, JBKnowledge surveyed AEC companies to compile information and share trends and insights across the industry. This year, JBKnowledge collaborated with the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA), Texas A&M University’s Department of Construction Science and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).

As in the past, JBKnowledge has graciously allowed LAI to pick ‘nuggets’ from the report to share, and nugget callouts following graphics are direct quotes from the ConTech Report.

For the full report, click here. All images and quotes are used by permission, but should not be copied or reproduced from this LAI webpage without explicit consent from JBKnowledge. 

The Nuggets2019-JBKnowledge-Construction-Technology-Report


As always, the vast majority of respondents are male (90%), in the Finance/Accounting role, and are of the Millenial/Gen Y age set (Baby Boomers must be retiring). The top financial sectors responding were close: the #1 spot (21.5%) came from companies in the $21-50M annual revenue, 2nd place (18%) represented $6-20M, and 3rd (17.7%) reported $51-100 million in sales.

What’s keeping them up at night

Labor shortage is on the top of every owners’ and managers’ minds. This could logically cause the acceleration of robotics and AI and AR. Which of course, is an investment of a different type. Can the (forced) reduction in payroll and benefits roll over to fund automation and technology replacements? Or will the spend go to worker retention and higher wages?

Impact Construction Industry

Sage tops the list – again

Now that the vote isn’t split (Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate were separate categories in previous years) – Sage Construction tops the list. The category has been updated as well from simply ‘Accounting’ to include ERP in the definition. Oddly, last year the top result was ‘Other’ with Viewpoint in the #2 spot, Sage 300 CRE in 3rd, and 100 CON in 5th.


Top Accounting / ERP Software

Sage Estimating comes in solid

Making an educated guess that “other” would be spreadsheets, it’s encouraging to see Sage at the lead. It’s still a solid product and with the update to SQL a few years back it clearly the industry favorite.Top Estimating Software

Procore is still King

At over double the results from a branded system (Viewpoint Team), Procore gained the market share over its unnamed competition. Last year ‘Other’ took the 1st place (37.5%) over #2 Procore (30.5%), showing a nice uptick.

Top Project Management Software

Meanwhile, in the field…

Procore nudged by Bluebeam to top the list for apps used for daily reporting.Most Popular Daily Report Management Apps

Safety first

Now it’s more than a slogan – it’s the outcome from the survey! Again, the non-eponymous ‘Other’ manages a top spot in the respondents’ answer.

Top Mobile Apps for Safety

In Summary

Hand-picked nuggets directly from James Benham:

Integration is key

Companies must prioritize, and budget for, integration when choosing software and apps. Even at additional expense, technology that integrates to allows communication between workflows and departments for cross functional teams. It would be advantageous for companies to explore incentivizing integrations to reduce stress, optimize use-of-time, save money, and increase productivity. Seamless exchange of data reduces manual
entry and redundancies, making integration a crucial feature for modern construction. While a single solution stretching across every workflow hasn’t been created yet – software and apps that integrate are the next best

Education must continue

While high-levels of confidence in technology use and training was self-reported, why the lack of tech implementation? Is it because so many executive (CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s, etc.) respondents reported their level
of confidence, while the employees in the field may have different obstacles to tech adoption? The most logical step to bridging the gap is education. There’s an opportunity for “targeted” education topics regarding tech, IT, and BIM.


New construction functionality, new cloud-based platform:  Sage Intacct

Reprinted with permission from Dustin Anderson, VP Construction and Real Estate

Happy New Year! Sage Intacct

As we kickoff 2020 we are preparing to launch new construction functionality built on the Sage Intacct platform. This cloud-based construction financial management solution will leverage Sage Intacct’s native cloud technology and offer the power of choice in best-of-breed operational solutions.

“Sage CRE would like to congratulate the parties on the ETHOSystems merger. These are legacy Business Partners who are growing into the future with the launch of Sage Intacct for construction. ETHOSystems has invested heavily to become power users and trusted consultants —  they also use it daily as their ERP/accounting system.”

Dustin Anderson, VP Construction and Real Estate

Of course, our commitment to the solutions that your business uses every day is unwavering. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate will be supported for many, many years to come. You will hear more about our plans for the Sage Intacct construction solution at ConExpo in early March. Upon availability, if you have interest in a native cloud offering, your Sage business partner will work closely with you to understand your organization’s specific needs and identify when the Sage Intacct construction solution may be a good fit. With quarterly releases of Sage Intacct, we will be transparent with the construction specific features and functionality and their availability for your business.

We fundamentally believe in providing you the power of choice when it comes to what platform works best for your organization and what tools are best for your business.

I assure you that Sage is dedicated to your business success and the Construction and Real Estate industry is stronger than ever!

I wish you a happy and healthy 2020!


CONEXPO-CON/AGG Show – March 10 – 14


Visit ETHOSystems in Sage Booth S64419 at the Las Vegas Convention Center

CONEXPO-CON/AGG is North America’s largest construction trade show representing asphalt, aggregates, concrete, earthmoving, lifting, mining, utilities and more.

  • 2,800 exhibitors
  • 2,500,000 square feet
  • 150 education sessions

More info and registration here.


ETHOSystems Support

by Ruth Stockdale, former PSG Director and Linda Peterson, Director of Professional Servicesethosystems-support

In this ever-changing world that we live in, we have a newly merged company, a new name, but our core beliefs remain the same — we are committed to our customers and providing quality service.

You may be wondering, “How do I contact my consultant?” Or, “How do you contact your office to get software assistance?” It’s still easy. Please note while there have been changes in e-mail addresses to reflect the new name, all phone numbers remain the same, including office and cell numbers.

Here is a quick list of who to contact and how to reach them:

Support from your consultant

Everyone has a new ETHOSystems e-mail address with the same convention: ( Their original e-mail address will forward to the new one but will eventually be ‘sunsetted.’ Please make a concerted effort to use the ETHOSystems address, so consultants don’t have to monitor TWO INBOXES, and potentially miss your email.

Support by phone

The phone numbers remain the same for both the Chicago and Scottsdale offices.

Sadly for us, but happily for her —Carolyn Carter has retired so you will be talking to other staff members when calling the Scottsdale office.

Support by email

A new e-mail address is now active, and the old or will forward to it.

Sage Support

All e-mails and phone numbers for Sage Support remain the same.

Extra support!

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that Robyn Brimhall has joined our staff as a consultant for Sage 300 CRE. Robyn brings a vast knowledge of Sage 300 CRE as she has used the software in her previous roles. If you happen to speak with Robyn, please welcome her to the ETHOSystems team.


Seven great reasons to join TUG!

Reprinted by permission from TUG.TUG power to the user

Do your 2020 New Year’s Resolutions include mastering a new skill or investing in training and development? Now that 2020 is in full swing, let TUG help you accomplish your resolutions with all the member benefits we offer!

Featured TUG membership benefits to help you succeed:

  1. Employee User Accounts — Tap into your TUG resources by creating employee user accounts. Everyone in your company who uses the software can have their own log-in to access the features of at their own convenience for a customized experience!
  2. Training Webinars  — Our FREE training webinars are led by consultants and every day users on a variety of topics and modules. For a complete list of webinars and to register for upcoming training webinars, please visit the community calendar.
  3. TUG Pulse Newsletter — The recently updated TUG Pulse is a monthly newsletter publication full of advice, tips and feature technical, industry and product specific articles written by subject matter experts in the industry as well as users like you! All current and past issues are available to our members here.
  4. User Communities — TUG User Communities are special interest groups where members share a common interest, whether it be the same Sage software, module, industry or job responsibility. TUG currently offers six User Communities for users working in Sage 300 CRE, Sage Estimating, Sage 100 Contractor, and IT,
  5. TUG Tips and Tricks — Each week TUG shares Tips and Tricks from everyday users to help make your life easier. If you have a Tip or Trick that you know would benefit fellow users, click here to submit a TUG Tip of the Week.
  6. TUG Talk Online Forum — TUG Talk is a forum where members can post challenges or questions on a variety of topics, as well as respond to inquiries from fellow users.
  7. 2020 TUG National Users Conference — The 2020 TUG National Users Conference on May 12-15, 2020, at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans in New Orleans, LA, is the largest gathering of its kind for all user levels of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, Sage 100 Contractor, and Sage Estimating! All members receive a discounted registration fee!

For more information regarding your TUG membership and to explore all that your membership entails, please take some to visit If you should have any questions regarding your membership or require assistance of any kind, please email

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