One of the best free tools within Sage Intacct is the Collaborate feature. This is an internal real-time communication and documentation tool built within Sage Intacct.  It’s available on most Sage Intacct screens. For any transactions, you can tag colleagues to eliminate emails or conversations that can get separated from the original transaction.

If you are not currently using this, make it your goal to roll it out this year. ETHOSystems has put together a step-by-step guide (below) as well as the attached training video to help get the ball rolling:

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Here is what you need to activate this module for your company:

How to Set up Sage Intacct Collaboration

First, make sure you are currently subscripted to the product.  Go to the Company Module and select Subscriptions

If you see Intacct Collaborate, you have it.  If you don’t see it, contact your business partner.  Click on the Configure option.

Collaborate uses the Salesforce Chatter feature, so if you already have Salesforce, you can extend that into Sage Intacct.  Make sure you verify the contact information.

Once that is complete, make sure that each user goes into their User Preferences.  This is available to all Sage Users.  Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen and set up your Collaborate options and picture.  We recommend checking to get an email when any of the events occur.

Examples of Using Sage Collaboration

You can use the for collections, to record notes about payments or invoice issues

You can use it to document the setup of a new user or changes.

You can notify someone when you post something or ask why it got posted that way.

TIP: When tagging someone to a transaction, make sure you use the @function to retrieve a list of names.


What happens when you get tagged?

When someone mentions you in a collaborate post, you will receive an email, so you don’t miss it.  However, you will also see a message icon by your name in the upper right-hand corner of the Sage Intacct Screen.

TIP: If you click on “View All in the Collaboration Center” you can then see all activity.

TIP: Add your Collaboration Feed to your Dashboard so you see everything right in front of you when you log in.


If you have any questions about Sage Intacct or Collaborate, please contact us here at ETHOSystems!

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