Recently added enhancements

by Pam Schulz, Sage Certified Consultant

Are you getting the most from your Sage 100 Contractor solution? Check out what’s new in Subcontractor Management.

Job Specific Certificate Management

Did you know your Vendor certificate tracking can now be done by JOB? You can use this for items beyond Insurance Certificates; anything needed on a Job Specific level from Subcontractors is now easier to track (and get the related popup warnings on).

To use JOB specific Certificate tracking, open the Vendor Certificate window and simply select a Job in the column as shown as part of the “certificate” entry:


New ‘User Created Fields’ give the screen more functionality

The Subcontract screen (option 6-7-1) can now store even more information using the new system-wide User Created Fields feature:

  • An unlimited number of new fields can be created
  • Character fields can contain up to 250 characters
  • Many other formats are available, dates, checkboxes, etc.

This could be useful for inclusions and exclusions, or special terms that could then be included in Report Writer and Form Design to generate Subcontract documents. Prior field and space limitations have been now been eliminated. Or, use the newly created fields for approval process signoffs, or fields that could trigger alerts and scheduled reports. The possibilities are now truly endless.

New User Created Fields are initiated with the icon shown below and defined in a setup window like the one shown. The exact options will vary depending on the field type. (As a side note — this feature exists on MANY screens; wherever the icon is shown.)

Require subcontract

The “PO/Subcontract” warnings are now expanded to include the choices shown below. Previously this applied only to Purchase Orders. Set the warning (or even prevent posting) by choosing from this list in the Vendor (menu option 4-4) screen:

Adding these new features to your routine gives you even greater control over your Subcontract Management. Combining these and the existing screen options can truly allow management and visibility of the entire Subcontract information in one handy screen.

Combine all of this with a few Alerts and Scheduled Reports and your control has become so much easier!

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