by Pam Schulz, Sage Certified Consultant

Check out the enhanced features in V 22

There are new features in your Sage 100 Contractor Security toolbox — this is a good time to take an updated look at protecting your valuable data.

Sage has added new security features that allow better control over certain options and posting command within menus. These are in addition to the menu and field-level security already in place. Also, it is now easier to see the individual fields on a screen that have been modified for security.

Access to the menu options and individual fields on screens were already protected by security features. But certain drill-downs and the ability to execute commands once a user was on a screen were not part of this protection. Two changes in version 22 give you enhanced security:

Drill-down buttons get into details

Using the Vendor Setup Screen (menu option “4-4: Vendors”) as an example, note the drill-down buttons at the bottom of the screen for invoices, payments, and other items. The ability to drill down into this detail can now be controlled with new security features.

To activate security for the detail buttons, begin at the top of the screen under “options.” Hover over the desired option, and press the F7 key on the keyboard.


The Security Settings window opens, and the user access can be set:


Secure posting commands

Enhanced features in Version 22 allow Security settings for “posting” and other COMMANDS on certain screens. Using menu option “11-2: Service Invoices” as an example, the new features will allow access to the POSTING commands on the screen to be secured.

At the top of the screen under the POST menu, hover over the particular option to secure and press the F7 key on the keyboard:


The Security Window opens and Users can be selected for access:


Other screens with this useful new feature include Recuring Transactions and Recurring Payables.

New views and reports make working with Security easier

Securing individual fields on a screen has always been possible, but it could be pesky to find which fields were secured. A new feature makes this simple. In the VIEW menu, check the box labeled “security” and the fields with enhanced security settings will be highlighted:


This is a good time to review and enhance your Security setup. Remember, every menu option and submenu can be secured, and many individual fields on each screen have available settings. Reports #22 and #23 show the current settings in the menu option “13-7: Database Format.”


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