Sage Intacct Construction vs Sage Intacct Project

Recently ETHOSystems has seen several Sage Intacct customers try to implement the Project Module instead of the Construction Module.  What is the difference and why should you choose one versus the other?

The Construction Edition of Intacct adds the additional features to the Project Account Module:

  • Change Orders
  • Change Requests
  • Cost Codes
  • Cost Types
  • Project Estimates
  • Retainage
  • AIA Reporting – Coming in May 2022!

It also includes Project Costing and Billing, Time and Expense, and Spend Management.  From a subscription cost, it is better to get the Construction Module because you get more for your subscription.

If you start with the Project Module you CAN NOT add the Construction Module to the system later.  That requires a complete reimplementation of your system! Even if you do not need any of the construction features currently, if you think you might need them in the future, start with the Construction Edition.

Also, products like Procore require the Construction Module for their integrations to work.

If you have any questions regarding the Sage Intacct Construction edition, please contact us here at ETHOSystems!

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