The Importance of Job / Project Statuses #MakeYourForemanHappy

The Importance of Job / Project Statuses in Sage Intacct

Setting up Project Statuses is important for configuring the workflow of a Job or Project through your Sage Intacct system.  This is a custom field and is not the same as the Status field which is just Active or Inactive.


Project status can be used for reporting purposes by creating dimension groups.  Some examples of Project status include:

  • Not Started
  • Active
  • Awaiting PO
  • In Progress
  • On Hold
  • Completed
  • Closed

These are also used to control how the project is used in the system.  For example, statuses prevent Time and Expense Entry, Purchasing, and Invoice Generation.

Tip: We recommend setting up a Project Status of “Template” so you can easily copy template jobs instead of setting them up from scratch.

Tip: Make sure you have your Project Status fields identified before go-live, so you make sure your reports and workflows process correctly.

How to Set Up the Project Status Field


  1. Go to Projects > Setup tab > Projects, and click the + sign beside Status.

  1. Type the Name of your project status.
  2. Type a brief Description of the purpose of your status.
  3. (Optional) Prevent transactions for a project with your project status. Your project will remain active and will still appear in Project lists and reports. Transactions made beforehand will continue to be processed. A project assigned to this status is unavailable for selection in the affected pages.
    1. Timesheet Entry: Prevent entry of timesheets for a project with this status. This includes entries for My Timesheet and Staff Timesheets.
    2. Expense Entry: Prevent entry of expense entries for My Expenses, Staff Expenses, and Expense Adjustments.
    3. Purchasing: Prevent entry of Purchase orders. This includes vendor invoice entry and purchase requisition entry.

This option does not prevent recurring transactions for Purchasing.

  1. Generate Invoices: Prevent a project with this status from being selected for a Generate Invoices run.
  1. Indicate whether this project status is active or inactive by clicking the Status down arrow, and then click the status you want to apply.
    • Active: If the project status is active, you can apply it to a project on the Project Information page.
    • Inactive: If the project status is inactive, you won’t see it in drop-down menus, and is not available for selection.


For more tips and tricks on setting up jobs and projects within the Construction Edition of Sage Intacct, please contact us here at ETHOSystems!

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