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Find the hidden gems

The security reports in Sage 300 CRE aren’t really top secret; they just aren’t included in any report menu. Why this is the case is anybody’s guess, but it’s likely because they are intended more for Sage security administrators than for the average user. In any case, there are ”top secret’ security reports in Sage 300 CRE that can provide valuable information when the need arises.

Check your security settings

Sage 300 CRE Security Administration can be a bit daunting when setting up users and creating security roles. There is a myriad of Sage setup selections, tasks, reports, inquiries and tools for each application, plus additional settings for Desktop, ODBC, and other features. Users should have the access needed to get their work done, but at the same time, be appropriately restricted from confidential data and administrative tools.

Organizations that have used Sage 300 CRE for many years often find that their security needs have changed over time, but that security roles in the software have not been updated. Moreover, Security Administration options have expanded with the addition of new features, particularly with the latest versions of Sage 300 CRE. If roles have not been adapted to incorporate these changes, users may not even know about the new features because security access is not automatically included.

While the security reports are not included in a report menu by default, they can be added in any application using that application’s Report Manager. Adding the reports to either the General Ledger or Cash Management reports menu is generally preferred, as users with access to these modules typically already have access to more confidential information. It is recommended that the reports be added to a submenu labeled something like “Security.” Instructions for adding reports to your Sage 300 CRE report menus can be found in Knowledgebase Article 17087, “How do I add a report in Reports Manager?”

How to locate these reports

The security reports can be found on your Sage host server in the following Location: \\[servername]\Timberline Office\9.5\Accounting\Report. The reports included are:

  • Security Administrative Users by Group.rpt
  • Security Companies by User.rpt
  • Security Companies.rpt
  • Security Groups by Task.rpt
  • Security Groups by User.rpt
  • Security Tasks by Group.rpt
  • Security User Details.rpt
  • Security Users by Company.rpt
  • Security Users by Group.rpt

It should be noted that these are Crystal reports, so this option should be selected for each report when adding the reports in Report Manager.

If you would like assistance locating the reports, adding them to a report menu, or reviewing and revising your security setup, please contact ETHOSystems Associates.

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