The ‘ethos’ in ETHOSystems

At ETHOSystems our top priority is the health, welfare, and safety of our employees and clients. As your Sage Business Partner, our biggest concern is the impact on your financial well-being during the COVID-19 outbreak. We’re here to help you work remotely and successfully with your Sage Construction and Real Estate solution.working-from-home

We assure you our essential services and support remain available to you, uninterrupted. While we may not visit you at your office, we want to help you connect remotely to ensure “business as usual” continues during these unusual times. Working from home is our strongest recommendation and here are suggestions to make that happen. First, a little housekeeping.

ETHOSystems support

Please contact us via email at or call 866.842.3400 for urgent issues. Many of you have access to consultants via mobile phones or by email. Please be advised that if they don’t respond immediately, you may assume they are working with another client via phone or email. We will all try to respond as quickly as possible, during normal business hours.

Protecting your assets

Now would be a strategical time to back up your files! Consult your IT department for your best practices to back up servers and personal files – and expressly, your Sage Construct data. Sage 300CRE Consultant Kyle Z. gives you specific directions here.

Help for connecting remotely

Remote Access

Whether your company has hosted your own private cloud for years or you are just starting to explore mobile solutions, we are here to guide. We understand in these unprecedented times that companies and teams are having to work more creatively than ever. If you have any questions about moving to a cloud infrastructure or even how has VOIP worked for us, we’re here to share. Feel free to send your questions to

VPN server access

Does your company have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) available? Not sure what it is? Here’s a great article explaining it. If the answer is yes, but you have never used it, the How-To Geek explains how to connect in Windows 10 in this article.

Cloud access

If your company has your software on the cloud (or hosted on a hybrid), you’re nearly home free. Just check your Wi-fi connection on your PC and have your login and password available.

Sharing files

Many companies use web-based storage hosts like Google Docs, SharePoint, and Dropbox which work across many devices and usually have downloadable apps for tablets and smartphones. They are typically inexpensive solutions and easy to set up and use. They usually offer admin tools for sharing and permissions, with respect to security and workflows.

Another ETHOSystems favorite is Smartsheet, which is a bit more expensive attributed to dozens of templates based on business needs: project management, marketing planning, dashboards, task lists, reports, etc.

Web conferencing and team meetings

As a software seller and implementer, we have had paid subscriptions for GoToMeeting and GoToTraining for years. There is tiered pricing, so you can purchase according to your business needs. We find the solutions robust, intuitive with lots of options for recording, sharing documents, surveys and automated reminders to attendees.

However, there are MANY low-cost and free options for ad-hoc meetings or less structured purposes. From Google: Google Hangout Meetups;  Skype offers a suite of tools; or use this Capterra link to review the top web conferencing software for 2020. Microsoft teams is multi-functional, as are a myriad of others.

Chat software / Instant Messaging

The preferred communication tool of Millenials! Besides personal apps (smartphone IM, Facebook messaging, Snapchat, etc.), there ARE professional versions for quick convo’s. Again, Microsoft teams comes with Office 365; Slack is popular; Basecamp is a favorite among creative services.

WFH (Working From Home)

On a lighter note, you may need a cheatsheet for the acronyms, though. Check out this IRL link — FTW!