by Kyle Zeigler, Senior Certified Consultant

Easy DIY directions will make you a rockstar!rockstar

Congratulations! Your company is growing, you’re hiring new personnel, and you’ve taken advantage of one of Sage’s periodic sales on software licenses. Life is good! Now, how to get those new or additional Sage 300 CRE licenses for AP, JC, PJ, or other modules installed so your staff can use them?

Adding more licenses for modules you already own is relatively easy. The trickiest part is making sure all of your users have fully exited the system before you begin. Under some circumstances, even after all users have exited all Sage 300 CRE applications, the changes you make still do not update the number of uses available. This usually happens because files are locked by Pervasive or Windows. A reboot of the server just prior to making the changes will always be your best bet to ensure you don’t encounter this issue.

Once all users have exited, perform the following

Versions 17.1 and Later

To add uses to existing modules or to add new modules:

  1. On the Sage Server, open License Administration by going to Start, All Programs, Sage Administration, License Administration.
  2. Select Update on the center right side of the window.
  3. Allocate any new uses when prompted.
  4. Verify your updated licensing matches the new number of uses and modules.
  5. Close License Administration.
  6. Open Sage and Verify the new module or uses are available.

Versions 16.1 and Lower

To add uses to existing modules:

  1. From the server, launch Sage Desktop.
  2. Go to Common Tasks > Tools > Change Registration and Uses.
  3. Enter the activation information provided by your partner or Sage.
  4. Click Finish to activate the additional uses and update activation information.

It is important that you do not change the registration name during this process. The registration name must be the same as the name on file with Sage. Changing the registration name in the Change Registration and Uses window could adversely affect your ability to install future software updates and upgrades.

To add new modules:

If you have purchased new modules for your Sage 300 CRE software version 16.1 or lower, installation on your server and all workstations using your downloaded installation files is required to add the modules:

  1. Determine which updates have been installed on the server and workstations for your current version.
  2. Instruct all operators to exit all Sage 300 applications (reboot the server just to be safe).
  3. Backup all data and the C:\ProgramData\Sage\Timberline Office\9.5 folder.
  4. At the server, browse to the install download for your current version.
  5. Run Install.exe, select Modify, and then click Next.
  6. Make any changes or additions to the Uses and/or Activation Code columns for your applications and then click Next.
  7. Make any changes or additions to the Industry Reports & Inquiries or Sample Data options and then click Next.
  8. Click Install.
  9. Reboot the server when prompted.
  10. After the server has rebooted, wait at least 5 minutes for services to start, then install any updates which were installed prior to the modify install.
  11. Reinstall workstations.

Note: You must apply any updates you previously had installed before on your server and workstations. Also, you might consider scheduling the installation of new modules for a time when you can also install the latest update or version upgrade.

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