Implementation Process



Our methodology

ETHOSystems performs every implementation, much like you handle your project work. We begin by performing a detailed design of the system that dovetails with our project schedule.

This process starts with a thorough review of the discovery document compiled during your sales process. We then set our goals and milestones for your project based upon a detailed scope of work. We begin with the end in mind.

From your implementation kick-off meeting all the way through to your post mortem wrap-up, we are with you every step of the way. Our expertise lies in the software, but our level of service will ensure we exceed your goals.



First, identify needs, document your business (entities, locations, existing processes and systems, key objectives and opportunities, key players), project growth plans, and future needs. Select the right modules. Broadly define outcomes.


Then, collect key information — Chart of Accounts, reporting needs, inter-company allocations. Identify key implementation players and roles. Build a project plan, set a firm implementation date.


Next, detail required processes using proven best practices, tailored to workflows supporting business needs. Make it yours. Prepare critical data (detailed and historical) for migration. Secure the system with permissions and authorizations.


Now, provision Sage to implement the defined design. Migrate current data into the software.


Almost ready! Test the system, prove the outcomes, prepare for the transition to go-live.


Finally, roll out with ETHOSystems staying with you for a month after go-live to ensure success, provide first-time assistance to key actions like bank reconciliation, then transition to Ethosystems ongoing Support.


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