Total AP automation

TimberScan® software automates every aspect of the accounts payable process, including data entry, approvals, and reporting. It eliminates manual-processing risks and ends the relentless paper-chase that hampers timely invoice approval.

Document Management for Sage Construction

TimberScan is the leading AP Automation for Sage 300 CRE, TimberScan 100 for Sage 100 Contractor Users — and now TimberScan Titanium for Sage Intacct Construction.

Control the AP process with:

  • AP routing and approvals
  • Secure content management
  • Cloud-based apps & forms
  • Advanced reporting features

TimberScan — the industry standard

Enhanced productivity

With TimberScan’s sophisticated batch-scanning software, there is no need to manually code, categorize, name, and route every invoice. Using “drag & drop” functionality, invoices received by email can be moved directly into TimberScan, and supporting documents, such as purchase orders, can be easily scanned and categorized.

Control committed and approved costs

Invoice details, along with all supporting documentation, are accessible within TimberScan. Thus, you have total control over committed and approved costs, as well as those not yet approved; this information is reported to you, allowing you to know when an invoice exceeds the committed cost.

TimberScan can be configured to support multiple approval levels and user-defined dollar thresholds. It automatically routes invoices to the correct approvers who can bypass, reject, or place a hold on invoices.

Full visibility

Reports can be run from TimberScan that show all costs associated with a job or company, including those still in the approval process, or already posted to Sage 300 CRE.

TimberScan also provides the visibility to see who is holding onto specific invoices, and for how long. Data mining and analysis are made easy with flexible reporting and a customizable dashboard.

Secure data

Automatic routing rules in TimberScan are easily defined and modified, allowing every action and invoice to be tracked with a detailed audit trail for users in the workflow process. Powerful user-level security maintains confidentiality and data integrity.

Quick ROI

By eliminating labor-intensive tasks and automating workflows, most clients experience a payback of less than six months, along with an accelerated accounts-payable approval process of 50% or more. TimberScan also saves money on paper, toner, storage, express mail fees, and other costs traditionally associated with accounts payable processing.

Content Management Capabilities

Advanced Image Management (AIM) is a comprehensive content management solution that enables users to acquire, index, search, categorize, route, and retrieve documents of any type from all departments– not just those related to accounts payable– within TimberScan.



Core Cloud Systems (CCS) brings your projects’ material and personnel expense data together with the approval processing ease of TimberScan for superior control.

CCS is the preferred way to enjoy one-time entry of project data that connects— from anywhere — to your other business applications.

Whether you’re a general contractor, builder, property management company, or another business operating with complex project and expense data, you can rely on CCS for accurate, streamlined processing and trusted document management.


Most companies process hundreds, even thousands, of invoices every month. Managing them accurately in Sage 300 CRE can be time-consuming and prone to data-entry errors. Often, these invoices come in batches forcing overtime and increasing stress levels in overburdened accounts payable departments.

TimberScan Capture converts scanned images to coded TimberScan® invoices using Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, to help alleviate AP burdens. Capture identifies the exact location of key data elements on scanned invoices, such as vendor name, invoice number, date, or amount, and creates the TimberScan invoice for a paperless routing and approval experience.


A powerful print engine and document automation tool, TimberScan® Commander allows the addition of workflows to any type of report, including Sage reports. Once properly configured, you simply select Commander from your list of available printers, allowing you to easily customize and automate tasks for a specific document.

Commander can provide automation for any document or report from any source, including Sage 300 CRE, provided that the report design can be edited. This capability includes purchase orders, contracts, leases, and accounts receivable invoices. With Commander, ‘invisible’ instructions are embedded in the design.


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