Accounting / ERP

Accounting / ERP

Collecting accurate, timely information and adapting standardized workflows can maximize profit and minimize cost while simplifying processes. The right accounting and/or ERP system provides a single source of crucial data connecting all the elements of your business to give you the tools needed to track and store information automatically, collect accurate data, generate consistent reports, reduce human error, and effectively reduce time wasted. With an effective, customizable system, you can trust the information at hand so you can focus on your core business – construction and real estate.

In the construction and real estate industry, the right tools adapted to your business needs will make sure you can stay ahead as demands and challenges evolve. ETHOSystems has a portfolio of industry-leading experience in designing software adaptations and integrations to best fit your organization. We provide the support, expertise, and experience to ensure that you’re getting everything you need out of your financial and accounting system to give you the opportunity for more growth and success.

We utilize Sage Construction and Real Estate software and complimentary products to bring real time solutions to the evolving business challenges of today. When it comes to Accounting, Project Management, Estimating, Construction Management, and Payroll, ETHOSystems is dedicated to recommending, designing, implementing, and supporting software solutions tailored to the specific needs of the construction and real estate industries. We have a collective passion of supporting our clients by selling quality software and providing ethical services.

Bringing Software Together

Sage Software

Sage is not a one size fits all solution. Sage is all about adaptability.

Sage is an award-winning leader in Software for Construction and Real Estate software because it is uniquely designed to be flexible and customizable. So you don't have to change the way you do business just to get the most out of your software.


For the construction and real estate companies looking for a cloud based fully functional option, Sage Intacct offers a native cloud technology alternative with real-time visibility, open API and AICPA preferred. The system aims at providing complete integration, transparency, and easy to manage controls at the fingertips of companies ready to take their businesses to a whole new level.


Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (CRE) is a well-established, cloud connected, customizable ERP solution ideal for the multi-entity construction and real estate business. The focus is on integrating the financial and accounting information at all levels of the business, providing the right insight to the right people in order for a business to successfully grow and develop into the future.


For the single-entity business, Sage 100 Contractor offers an out-of-the-box solution for accounting, project management, estimating, and service management. With easy access to critical business and project information, Sage 100 Contractor has the capability and options that can handle everything from accounts payable to change order process management.

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