Priced to buy!

Sage is now super affordable Estimating subscriptions at a very competitive $149 user/month introductory price point. This new offering comes bundled with the Advanced Reporting module making it the only full feature estimating and reporting package on the market under $200 user/month.sage-estimating-subscription

Also, Sage is offering eTakeoff Dimension, Bridge, Buyout, and Liberty Reports for a minimal monthly increase.

With the new lower cost of entry, many companies will be able to leverage the power of the program without being burdened by large upfront software costs.

Don’t need that much horsepower? Sage Estimating Essential is for you!

Alongside the new Sage Estimating subscription solution, Sage is also introducing Sage Estimating Essential. This new subscription product is a simplified version of Sage Estimating. It includes all the powerful estimating functionality without the additional setup needed for assemblies, crews, and model estimating. Starts at only $99 per user/month!