Archive for more speed in Sage 300 CRE

by Kyle Zeigler, Sage Certified Sr. Consultant

Why you need to archive


The term “archiving” refers to the process of moving historical data from one file to another, and sometimes from one location to another, in order to preserve the data over time without losing the ability to easily access the data as desired.  The term “archiving” can also refer to the process of backing up whole files of data and even folders of data to preserve those files and folders in case of physical damage to a server or damage to the system due to a virus or the failure of a process to complete successfully. The added bonus is that you also can archive for more speed in Sage 300 CRE!

The need for speed!

For most users of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, data archiving is usually the final step in year-end processing.  Many users, however, delay this step or skip over it entirely to keep up with the demands of day-to-day business.  After years of use, data accumulates in transaction files and master files. Sage 300 CRE systems can become sluggish in their performance, and the processes required to maintain your software can require significantly greater time commitments.  Also, as some users can unfortunately testify, failure to archive data can lead to painful, time-consuming, and even catastrophic outcomes.  The dedicated practice of archiving data not only protects against system damage or system failure but can also improve system performance and enhance productivity.

 Top benefits:

  • Reduced file size, which reduces processing and reporting time
  • Reduced time requirements when you upgrade your current data
  • The ability to combine your historical and current data for reporting purposes, but are also able to report on each separately
  • Streamlining your selection lists to include only current records (such as with jobs, employees, invoices, etc.)
  • Organize historical data in a way that makes it easy to find and access the data as desired

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