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Link financial and operational efficienciesbest-practices

Good Project Management software (aka the PJ in Sage 300 CRE) should tightly link financial and operational efficiencies, which will allow you to grow your business. By using best practices, it should eliminate duplicate processes and data and share that centralized data across business units.

Fortunately, the Project Management module in Sage 300 CRE does that. And in order to best utilize these features, it’s important to hone your project management skills — within the software. When you maximize the full functionality of PJ, you can stay on top of productivity issues, ensure your project is on track, and ultimately identify opportunities to drive revenue and profits.

Ideally, as a company, you want to keep all of your team members well informed with easy access to up to the minute cost analysis, contracts, and other important documents.

Best practices for Sage 300 CRE Project Management should:

  • Access integrated data resources such as accounting, estimating, and purchasing information related to contracts, purchase orders, change orders, etc.
  • Make informed decisions based on real-time information, eliminating the need for manual synchronization of data
  • Manage document creation, tracking, and retrieval through organizing common project information
  • Increase project manager’s access to information via instant job reports
  • Plan, organize, schedule, manage resources, and control the project

Furthermore, all these critical tasks need to be performed on a daily basis! And the more you grow, the more the possibility increases for project details and data to become overwhelming.  Best practices used in project management software will keep you on track and less stressed out when used to its full potential!

Want to see PJ in action? Click below for a free demo!


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