Bringing Automated Expense Management to Construction Businesses with Sage Intacct #MakeYourForemanHappy

Overcoming roadblocks to efficiency in the construction industry

Problems like distributed workforce, lack of visibility into project spend, cash flow issues, trouble tracking billable expenses, revenue leakage, siloed systems, and overall lack of a tech-savvy workforce are some of the roadblocks to efficient expense management in the construction industry. And that hits the bottom line. But ETHOSystems, working through Sage Intacct with the Fyle integration, has a solution to make running your business more effective and successful by taking some of the time-consuming admin out of the mix.

Not only is Sage Intacct an industry-leading native cloud financial management tool with the flexibility to handle how you run your construction and/or real estate business, but its open API lets you flex the muscles of integrations to gain even more visibility and control of your business.

In this case, ETHOSystems has partnered with Fyle, a modern expense management platform, to automate expense reporting and credit card reconciliation for its clients. Simply put, that means as soon as users spend on their credit cards, they receive an instant notification via SMS and/or Slack. Users reply with a picture of the receipt, and the Fyle integration matches it to the correct expense in your system.

This saves time for controllers and project managers while keeping the learning curve for users in the field at near zero. No more chasing receipts from past days, weeks, or months. Critical information is instantly captured by the user with complete visibility for the office using Fyle’s unique 2-way Sage Intacct integration of real-time feeds. Automated syncs of dimensions like GL codes, Job Cost, Job Type, Projects, Cost Centers, and more make it a versatile solution for anyone in the construction industry.

By utilizing Fyle’s seamless integration with Sage Intacct, we are able to help our clients improve profitability, boost revenue, and grow as a business by increasing accuracy and efficiency. Users can export reimbursable and corporate card expenses, such as bills, journal entries, credit card charges, etc., with the click of a button.

“We have been working to build a world where not a single second is spent on managing expenses. Administering employee expenses isn’t core to anyone’s role, but it’s time-consuming and frustrating”, said Yashwanth Madhusudan, CEO, Fyle. “We look forward to working closely with the ETHOSystems team to bring the combined best-in-class solution to construction and real estate companies in the US.”

Get the right tools in place to make running your business less about the admin and more about the work you do. Contact ETHOSystems to learn more about Sage Intacct and the Fyle integration to give you the transparency and efficiency you need.


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