Submitted by Darren Pierce, Sage Estimating Field Manager, CRE Sales

Format the data for your business needs

Do you want to make changes to the Estimating Spreadsheet or reports to reflect the information in a manner that fits your need, the customers’ needs, or for review purposes? estimating-spreadsheet

It’s easy to accomplish using spreadsheet layouts. This also can be completed on every sort sequence specifically tailored to your liking! Several methods are available to you to change the spreadsheet layout.

Move columns on the spreadsheet

You can change the order of the columns in the spreadsheet in one of two ways:

  • To change the order temporarily, click in the column heading and select the column or columns you want to move. When your cursor becomes a 4-way arrow, hold down the left mouse button and drag the selection to the new location (indicated by the highlighted vertical grid). Release the button.
  • To change the order permanently, select View > Spreadsheet Layout and then click Edit. In the Modify Spreadsheet Layout window, select the row that contains the column name you want to move. Click the Reposition Column buttons to move the column to the location of your choice.

Columns that contain both a quantity and unit are moved together automatically.

Rename your spreadsheet columns

  • Click the column heading to select the column.
  • Right-click the column and select Column Properties.
  • Enter the new name in the Column Name field. (You can also change column names in Spreadsheet Layout.)

TIP: If you want to know the original name, hover your mouse over the column name. The new column name appears as a tooltip, with the original name in parentheses. To return the column to the original name, select Column Properties, delete the Column Name field and click OK.