by Kyle Zeigler, Sage Senior Certified Consultant

ETHOSystems consultants frequently discover that many of our customers don’t know the power and potential of which Sage 300 CRE is not only capable of — but excellent at! So we are sharing what we consider five “secret” business functions in Sage 300 CRE.

While the core accounting platform has not changed much over the years, Sage has added functionality and third-party developer applications that extend the usability over departments and user roles. Let’s check them out.

 Top 5 Business Functions in Sage 300 CRE:

1.    Reporting:

  • Create reports using over a thousand prebuilt, industry-tested report templates.
  • Modify the prebuilt reports — no assistance needed — to satisfy changing requirements.
  • Build your own reports with minimal training using the Sage 300 Construction Report Designer or SAP® Crystal Reports Designer.
  • Consolidate organizational data, including multiple company datasets, and easily run reports across your entire business using the Sage SQL Gateway.

2.    Monitoring:

  • Prevent issues before they arise. Monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs), get instant alerts when issues need your attention, and take corrective action with MyAssistant. Set alerts to appear where you work the most—on your Sage Desktop, on your Windows desktop, or in Microsoft® Outlook®—so you stay in the loop.
  • Get a new outlook on the information that matters to you. MyCommunicator for Outlook is a powerful add-on module to MyAssistant. It uses the familiarity and ease of Outlook to directly access, track, and update your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate data in real-time. Sage 300 Construction data is embedded directly within your email, providing drill-down access to additional details as needed, so you can proactively make decisions, assign and monitor actionable tasks for employees and vendors, and improve communication both inside and outside your company.

3.    Analyzing:

  • Understand what’s happening and why. Using Office Connector, you can create and analyze data and financials in Excel using real-time information from Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. Data is automatically transferred between Sage 300 and Excel so you can analyze and manipulate data using familiar Excel reports, worksheets, graphs, and more.

4.    Predicting:

  • Throw out the crystal ball! It’s essential to know what’s coming to stay profitable in the construction industry today. And you must be able to identify the jobs where you can maximize your margins. To evaluate future projects and buyouts, you need to look at past performance and adjust based on shifting variables—such as material costs, labor costs, and interest rates. With Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Job Cost and General Ledger, Reports, and Inquiries, you can stay informed about your business’s past, present, and future..
  • See the big picture. Get immediate access to the business information you need to make informed decisions. The Executive Dashboard offers the unique capability to view and monitor trends at a glance including project profitability, property occupancy, or cash flow. Plus, you have the ability to drill down to details and initiate action to remedy potential issues before they arise. Customize your dashboard to view data that is most meaningful to you. You can even share the information inside or outside of your company so others can see your business health.
  • Take charge of your data. Use real-time information from Sage 300 Construction to ensure your forecast is still accurate using Sage 300 Office Connector. You can maintain a “living” two-year cost forecast with revenue projected cost changes using actual cost from Sage 300 Construction Job Cost and General Ledger. You can also increase your surety’s confidence by keeping your work in progress and general ledger accounts clear and up to date.

5.    Mobilizing

  • Much of what you need to know happens outside of the office and on the jobsite. How do you ensure your field employees and office staff are working together with the same information? By using Sage Construction Project Center, you and your team members can instantly share the latest and most accurate project information on a secured centralized hub—documents, drawings, and photos—so that decisions are solid and projects move forward. Each team member, employees, or subcontractors see only those documents they need for their job.

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