How to archive SQL Estimates

by Renee Mullen, Sage Marketing Managerarchive-SQL-estimates

Do you have too many old estimates (SQL) taking up space? Would you like to back them up

Give your SQL instance some elbow room

and move them out of the SQL instance? How to archive SQL estimates outside of the SQL instance.  Furthermore, if you need the estimate later, we can restore the estimate.

To archive estimates:

  1. Select the estimate or folder containing estimates that you want to archive and right-click. Select Create Export File and the “Create Export File” window appears.
  2. Click Browse and select a location that the archive folder will be created. You can also add a description in the dialogue box directly below. Verify that the boxes estimates you want to archive are checked at the bottom and click OK.
  3. Right click on the estimate or folder containing estimates that you want to remove from the live database and select Delete.

To restore archived estimates:

  1. Select or create a new Branch folder in which to restore the Estimates. You can right click on the Estimate database and select New, Branch.
  2. Right click on the folder where the estimates will be restored and select Import File and the “Import File” window appears.
  3. Browse to the .ZIP archive that was previously created click Open. The estimates contained in the .ZIP folder will now display in the “Available Estimates” list.
  4. Check the box for each estimate that will be restored, select the correct database and click OK. The estimates will now be back and available to open in Estimating.

There you have it! You can archive or restore an archive in just a few steps using the Estimating Management Console.

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