How to create a Project Template in Sage Intacct #MakeYourForemanHappy

How to create a Project Template in Sage Intacct

As mentioned in our Project Statuses Blog ( creating a Project Template is a great way to make sure your projects are set up consistently and correctly.

Tip: We recommend setting up different project templates based on the type of project (Service, Warranty, New Build, etc.).

Below are the steps to creating a Project Template.


Step 1: Create a Project Status

Please review our Project Statuses Blog ( to create a Template Project Status.

Step 2: Create the Template Project

Enter the header information for your template, and click on save. Ensure you select the status of “template” that was just created.

Tip: Remember you don’t have to assign a customer to a Template Project

When using this new template, have the team view the template from the project listing:

and then select Duplicate from the “Quick Action” buttons on the upper right side of the screen.

Tip: Ensure they update the Project Status on the new project and click on save.

NOTE: there will not be a task tab will the new project has been saved for the first time. However, all tasks and cost types assigned will be replicated on the new project.  They will show up after you go back into the project.


For more tips and tricks on setting up jobs and projects within the Construction Edition of Sage Intacct, please contact us here at ETHOSystems!

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