Inside every accounting solution proposal

The secret sauce for Sage 300 CRE

by Joanie Hollabaugh, Sr. Director of Marketing secret-sauce

When you get a software proposal from Tony Merry, VP at ETHOSystems, you may be surprised to learn that he has already customized the solution for you. There’s a ‘secret sauce’ inside every accounting solution proposal!  It’s a special suite of five complementary products for the core accounting modules that makes every company unique!

Come again?

Tony’s ‘secret sauce’ of 5 key ingredients

So, besides the standard accounting functions (GL, AP, AR, etc.) there’s a special bundle that keeps your accounting software maximized for exactly how you want to run your overall business. They are:

  • Information Assistant
  • Report Designer
  • Crystal Reports
  • Inquiry Designer
  • My Assistant

Let’s make sure you’re using them in the most effective and efficient way possible!

Information Assistant (IA) – Internal and external tool

Information Assistant is literally a snapshot view into your data, without actually having to enter the accounting system. IA is great for dealing with everyday issues like cost overruns or insurance expirations. You can set alerts, customize your toolbar for frequently-used inquiries, and send info via email to anyone. If you’re into macros, this is the tool for you to automate almost anything!

Report Designer (RD) – Internal tool

Did you know that your Sage 300 CRE comes with 1,400 pre-built reports?? But we bet you’re still exporting data into Excel! The problem with that is, the moment you extract the data, it is no longer LIVE. The most common reason accountants do this is for running subtotals. And many times, there will be some manual data entry in Excel as well. YOU CAN STOP DOING THIS WITH TWO CLICKS in RD. This means your subtotals are in real-time!

Crystal Reports (CR) – External tool

Crystal Reports, while more difficult to create than the canned reports in Report Designer, have a mission of their own — they are great for EXTERNAL or “executive” distribution. They look more refined than the system reports, and are far more customizable to the extent of the creator’s capabilities. These are the reports you want to send to vendors, your executive team, or your CPA.

Inquiry Designer (ID) – Internal tool

ID is the go-to app for drilling down, with 100 standard inquiries and the ability to create custom ones. This is a great way to access information instantly; you can include data from any Sage 300 application and apply any formula, condition, or note you choose. The ability to add columns, change forms and formats, create formulas or use standards included – the possibilities are infinite when it comes to accessing your company’s data. And it’s easy to save these to the toolbar, too!

My Assistant (MA) – Internal and external tool

Tony always says having My Assistant is like having another full-time employee, without the big salary. This awesome app will save you tons of time by automating internal and external tasks that make your day run smoothly — delivering KPIs, instant alerts, daily reports, financials, spreadsheets, documents, emails and more!

Your clever assistant integrates Desktop, Windows Desktop, and Microsoft® Outlook® with Sage 300CRE to email internal and external associates, from project managers to HR, or subcontractors and suppliers throughout the entire project! It keeps everyone in the loop, at the time they need to know.

There’s also wizard to help you set up your own customized rules, but it also comes with 350 pre-built rules that construction companies use regularly.

It’s crafted from personal experience

You already know that Sage 300 CRE is a great product. But because Tony has used the solution in his previous construction jobs, he also knows the tricks to get the most data from the system, in the fastest way possible. And now you know his ‘secret sauce’ to success!

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