Invest in your existing assets — it’s a ‘SURE’ bet!

by Dom Pernai, Midwest Director, ETHOSystems

Most of our clients who use Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (formerly known as Timberline Office) have applied many software updates over the years. Even with the best intentions though, few take the time for sure-bet-full-houseimplementing the enhancements in Sage 300 CRE releases. In addition, situations may have changed since Sage 300 CRE was originally purchased. Whether it has been staff turnover, reporting and regulatory requirements, IT infrastructure, IT vendor changes, mobility of their workforce, etc., we have found that clients very rarely maximize the use of their existing Sage 300 CRE software.

A few examples: some clients would like to change their cost code or general ledger structures; others have resorted to re-keying data into Excel to get the reports they need, rather than take the time to design the report in Sage 300 CRE. Some are looking to track data they are capturing in Excel or Access when they should be able to track it in Sage 300 CRE.

Now is the time to invest in your existing assets: your people and your software! To help you do that, ETHOSystems offers a service: Software Utilization Review (aka SURE).

We will review all aspects of your software setup, IT infrastructure (as it pertains to Sage 300 CRE), workflow processes, and reporting requirements. We will interview your key personnel in each functional department. We will then provide you with a detailed report informing you of the current status of your Sage 300 CRE software usage and the steps you can take to maximize the return on your investment in Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.

As part of this engagement we will:

  • Provide a detailed agenda
  • Review your organizational structure as it relates to the setup of Sage 300 CRE
  • Review each of your Sage 300 CRE applications
    • Review set up and application control settings
    • Workflow (if you have procedures manuals please provide)
  • Current workflow
  • Workflow issues
    • Reporting (please bring copies of forms and reports)
  • Current reports used
  • Suggested report improvements
  • Excel Reports containing Sage 300 CRE data
    • Other
  • Any additional information about working within this application
  • Review any third-party applications in use within the financial and operational processes.
  • Review workstations and server for maximizing the performance of Sage 300 CRE
  • Review backup procedures and test to confirm accuracy and completeness
  • Review Sage 300 CRE security set up
  • Interview key personnel by functional group to determine
  • Proficiency with the software
  • Training requirements
  • Reporting improvements
  • Productivity improvements
  • Upon completion of our review, we will meet with you to review a detailed report of our findings regarding your company’s use of Sage 300 CRE
  • Findings and recommendations may include:
    • Changes in control file settings that will allow the software to better meet your requirements
    • Incremental training recommendations
    • Improvements in workflow
  • Your requirements
    • Incremental training recommendations
    • Improvements in workflow
  • Better understanding of your Sage 300 CRE implementation
  • Recommendations to improve reporting
  • Use of custom fields
  • Refining menus and desktops to improve each end user’s use of Sage 300 CRE
  • Additional Sage 300 CRE applications
  • Third-party integrated applications

The Payoff

  • A well-trained staff
  • Streamlined processes
  • Better efficiency and productivity
  • Full return on your Sage 300 CRE investment

The Investment

The investment will vary based upon the Sage 300 CRE applications in use, though we are certain that the investment will pay for itself many times over. These engagements are performed only by our most senior consultants, each with over 10 years of experience with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate software. As such, we are able to schedule only a limited number each month. Please contact Linda Peterson, Director of Professional Services, as soon as possible to get your Software Utilization Review scheduled.

If you would like a SURE assessment, please click below.