Find Out How This Company is Using TimberScan for Sage 100CON to Go Paperless #StopMeIfYou’veHeardThis

Ever wonder how other Sage 100 CON users are managing to inevitable paperchase? Group West Construction inc. brought TimberScan onboard and are here to talk about how it works for them and what it’s done for their company.

Join Jessica Nichols from Group West Construction Inc, Mark Jensen from ETHOSystems, and Jim Campbell from AvidX in a discussion around utilizing TimberScan in Sage 100 CON. Jessica explains how the software helped their business grow and what changes it has actually brought to their business, her role, and how these changes have affected them.

Watch the discussion and find out more here >>>

Sage 100 Contractor is an industry leading financial management tool with the flexibility to handle how you run your construction and/or real estate business. Gain visibility and control with the only accounting software endorsed by the AICPA.

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