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Sage Intacct Reporting Options.

Sage Intacct offers a variety of reporting options within the software. There are three different types of reports within Sage Intacct. Users can also install reports from libraries and customize them as needed. Below we will review each of the three reports options.

Standard Reports

Standard reports are built into an application and preconfigured for the company. Users cannot change these reports but rather can run these reports with slight modifications, such as setting filters to specify what to include and from what time period and/or formatting options.

Filters can be based on:

  • Accounting period
  • Custom date ranges
  • Detail level
  • Summary views
  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Dimensional Analysis

Financial Reports

Financial reports are run from the General Ledger data. Eighteen standard financial reports are available in the QuickStart Library. These reports appear on the Financial Reports list. If you would like to use the QuickStart Library reports, the chart of accounts must be mapped to the General Ledger system categories.

Users can create custom financial reports using the financial report writer included in the core subscription. The custom financial reports can be written with a combination of account groups and/or dimension structures. With a financial report you can select the accounts groups to include, add analysis based on dimension data, such as customer types or projects, analyze data based on departments, show, or hide account detail, and whether to show actual, budget or computation amounts.

Custom Reports

There are two types of custom reports available in Sage Intacct. Custom reports are created with either the Custom Reports Writer (CRW) or the Interactive Custom Report Writer (ICRW). Users create custom reports to get insight from unique information within Sage Intacct. Report on fields from almost any record or transaction, as well as the related data to those records. Custom reports can also be exported to another report format or be added to Sage Intacct dashboards.

Custom Report Writer

The Custom Report Writer is included in the core Sage Intacct subscription. Custom reports can include financial or non-financial data. This report writer is a wizard-based tool that guides users through the report creation process.

Interactive Custom Report Writer

The Interactive Custom Report Writer is an add-on application available for subscription. It brings advanced business insight capabilities to transaction data within Sage Intacct. Users can see reports evolve in real-time as they drag and drop data fields. Also available are built-in analytic features like complex formulas, trending, time-line analysis and advanced filtering. Data can be pivoted and drilled down to the transaction detail. There are also numerous prebuilt reports that can be used as-is or modified for your specific needs.

For more information on any of the report items discussed, especially around the Construction Edition, please contact us here at ETHOSystems!

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