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For any construction company, the decision on what construction management software to use is based on the specific business needs and goals of that company. One key challenge is knowing what options are out there, and, more importantly, what to look for in a solution.

Outlined below are some key areas to look for when you are in the search for the right construction management solution for your business. And if you are looking for a construction management tool, Sage Construction Management (formerly known as Corecon) is one of those tools that you should consider. Join our upcoming webinar to find out more about Sage Construction. Register HERE >>>

What to consider when looking for a construction management software solution:

  • Bid Management:
    • Any tool should offer bid management features that can help you organize and manage the bidding process efficiently, allowing for a streamlined and competitive approach to securing projects.
  • Subcontractor Management:
    • Efficiently managing relationships with subcontractors is critical in construction. Find software that provides a way to track subcontractor performance, payments, and communications.
  • Change Order Management:
    • Construction projects often undergo changes. Look for key tools for managing and tracking change orders, ensuring accurate documentation of project modifications.
  • Scheduling and Critical Path Analysis:
    • Utilize scheduling tools, including critical path analysis, to help you create and manage project schedules effectively, optimizing the sequencing of tasks.
  • Quality Control and Inspection:
    • A good software solution will have features for quality control and inspection, allowing you to monitor and maintain high construction standards throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Equipment and Resource Management:
    • Construction projects require effective management of equipment and resources. See if there is a way to track equipment usage, availability, and resource allocation.
  • RFI (Request for Information) Management:
    • Construction projects often involve a significant exchange of information. Having software that can help you managing RFIs, ensures that project stakeholders have accurate and timely information.
  • Safety Compliance:
    • Construction safety is paramount. Tracking safety compliance, incidents, and implementing safety protocols to create a secure work environment means more control over projects and budgets.
  • Submittal Workflow:
    • Another key area to look for in construction software is if it facilitates the submittal process, ensuring that project documents, materials, and information are submitted, reviewed, and approved in a systematic and organized manner.
  • Closeout and Handover:
    • Look for features focused on project closeout and handover, helping you efficiently wrap up projects, transfer deliverables, and document the completion of tasks for client acceptance.

Sage Construction Management is a solution that is worth exploring for any construction company looking for additional management tools for their business. Help your business grow with successful integrations and software that is built specifically for the needs of Construction companies. With Sage Construction Management, companies have the option of purchasing it as a standalone solution or as a solution that integrates with their Sage Construction Software.

Join our upcoming webinar to find out more about Sage Construction Management. Register HERE >>>

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