Sage Intacct R1 2024 Changes and Free Training Session #MakeYourForemanHappy

On February 16th, 2024 Sage Intacct will Release 2024 R1.  With Sage Intacct, there are 4 releases each year and they are provided for all users running Sage Intacct.  This allows clients to always be updated, without having to pay their partner to apply the update.

If you want to preview a release before it’s generally available, please contact ETHOSystems to add you to the program.

On February 15th at 11:00 a.m. central time, ETHOSystems will hold a webinar on these new features.  Please sign up to attend our webinar here >>

Company and Administration

Added Permission changes: We changed and added new permissions for Contracts, Interactive Custom Report Writer, Order Entry, Projects, and Time & Expenses. Learn more about permission changes.
API usage dashboard for consoles: The API usage dashboard is now available for consoles, providing users with a centralized place to view usage for all of their companies. Learn how to view the API usage dashboard for consoles.
A new user account email has been added! To provide more security and a quicker time to lockout resolution, set up your new user account email today! Learn more about the new account email address.
Sage Intacct empowers users to help themselves. If you’re ever locked out of Intacct, you can get back to business with our self-service account recovery process. Learn how to use this process, just in case!

Accounts Payable

Added Enhanced GL/dimension coding: Learn how AP Automation users can join the Early Adopter program to try out line-level GL/dimension coding using AI/ML.
Simplify contact lists in Accounts Payable: You can now limit the contacts available in Pay to and Return to fields during transaction data entry.
Updated AP Automation usage report enhancement: Learn how to export details of AP automation usage.
Submitters now receive approval notifications: Users who submit bills for approval can be notified when the bill is approved or declined. Learn how to set up notification as a submitter.
Other updates in Accounts Payable: Other updates include changes to restricted users’ ability to reverse bills and administrative users can now delete advanced filters on the Pay Bills page. Read about additional changes in Accounts Payable.


Accounts Receivable

Added Simplify contact lists in Accounts Receivable: You can now limit the contacts available in Bill to and Ship to fields during transaction data entry. Learn how to simplify contact lists.
Updated Other updates in Accounts Receivable: Restricted users can no longer reverse invoices that meet certain criteria. Learn more about this change to restricted users.

Budgeting and Planning

Updated The latest updates in Sage Intacct Planning: See who else is working on shared budgets, save models and statistical accounts for reuse, and create custom views for your data. To learn more about reusing models and custom views, see Enhancements in Sage Intacct Planning.


Cash Management

Added Bank transaction dating: Determine how bank feed transactions are dated by setting the time zone for a bank account.
Updated Reconciliation match sequence report: Identify transactions that matched for reconciliation. Learn how to create a reconciliation match sequence report.



Added A new custom report for Advanced Ownership Consolidation enables running detailed reports generated by consolidation entries. Learn about creating custom consolidation reports for Advanced Ownership Consolidation.
Streamline your General Ledger revaluation reports
 by running your reports in summary format for more concise, easily scannable revaluation reports. Learn more about gleaning more precise information from your General Ledger revaluation reports.
Drill down to source domestic accrual data in the General Ledger report when subscribed to Domestic Consolidation or Advanced Ownership Consolidation for improved traceability and audit. Read about drilling down to single currency source transactions when using Domestic or Advanced Ownership Consolidation.



Commitment compliance tab on primary documents:
 Use the Commitment compliance tab on primary documents to add, edit, and delete associated compliance records. Learn how to add, edit, and delete compliance records from the Commitment compliance tab.
New option on OE transaction definitions: We added a new option on Order Entry transaction definitions for Project contract invoices to display all project contract billing amount fields. Learn about the Display original project contract billing amount fields option.
Project contract billing details tab is on Accounts Receivable invoices: Use the read-only Project contract billing details tab to view the latest invoice billing totals for new and existing project contract lines and project contracts. Learn about the Project contract billing details tab on Accounts Receivable invoices.
New option for retainage release invoices: You can now set a default printed document template for Accounts Receivable retainage release invoices. Learn about the Retainage release invoice template.
Updated AP and AR aging standard reports enhanced: We enhanced the AP and AR aging standard reports so now they reflect the retainage balance as of the Date to use date. Learn about the AP and AR aging standard reports enhancements.
Sage Intacct has improved calculations: We improved the calculations to the Total changes approved this month field for Additions and Deductions. Learn about the improved calculations to the Total changes approved this month field.
Insurance and miscellaneous compliance records tracked by Primary document: You can track insurance and miscellaneous compliance records by Primary document. Learn how to track insurance and miscellaneous compliance records by Primary document.
Reverse conversions in Order Entry (OE): You can now enter opposite values on entry lines when converting an Order Entry (OE) order document. Learn how to reverse OE conversions for Construction subscriptions
Enhancements in Sage Field Operations: Recent enhancements in the mobile app save time for your workers in the field. Learn about the enhancements in the mobile app.
Sage Intacct Construction Payroll: Learn about the latest changes in Construction Payroll.


Sage Construction Management

Updated Improved integration with Sage Construction Management: Department and tax code mapping are two of the recent enhancements added in Sage Construction Management. To learn about the new mapping features and other enhancements, see The latest enhancements in Sage Construction Management.



Added New permissions: Separate Cancel and Uncancel permissions provide more control over contract processes. Learn more about the new Contracts permissions.
Save time maintaining MEA price lists: You can now import MEA price lists via CSV import templates. Learn about the new MEA price list import templates.
Updated Cancellation improvements: We’ve expanded support for uncanceling contract lines and given you the flexibility to post open revenue and billing after the cancellation date. Read about the contract cancellation enhancements.
Expanded support for kit billing: You can now use kit items with all contract line Flat/fixed amount frequency options. Read about the updates to kit billing.


General Ledger

Added Download import templates: You can now download import templates directly from import pages.


Help and Training

Updated Get the help you need: We regularly expand our online help and training beyond just new features and enhancements. Each release, we often add in-depth, best-practice help and training on existing features also. See our new or enhanced help and training content.


Integrated Applications

Added Announcing Sage Intacct Forms and Operational Workflows: Streamline and digitize data collection and organization workflows. Read about Forms and Operational Workflows.
Announcing Sage Intacct Data Flow: Sage Intacct Data Flow automates secure and reliable data transfers between your operational and finance systems on a schedule that works for you.
Announcing Sage Intacct Professional Services Automation: Work smarter with an AI-powered project resource management. Read more about Professional Services Automation.


Inventory Control

Added Inventory utilities provide insight into your data: Use Inventory utilities to get a clearer view of how transaction definitions affect report totals and troubleshoot landed cost and General Ledger reconciliation issues. Learn about Inventory utilities.


Lease Accounting

Updated Lease Accounting enhancements: Lease Accounting has improved the experience of creating and updating leases and lease schedules. Additionally, users can now add attachments, view a configuration audit trail, use tooltips, and more. Learn about new Lease Accounting enhancements.



Updated Sage Intacct Construction Payroll: Learn about the latest changes in Construction Payroll.


Platform and Customization Services

Coming Soon Smart event log changes: We’re changing how Smart events are logged to streamline your workflow, and we want you to be in the loop. Read about the upcoming Smart event log change that will eliminate the need for you to install a separate package.
Added API usage dashboard for consoles: The API usage dashboard is now available for consoles, providing users with a centralized place to view usage for all of their companies. Learn how to view the API usage dashboard for consoles.
Platform custom help: Want to learn how to add your own custom help to Sage Intacct? Read up on how you can do so and check out our new video.
Updated Platform tutorial: Learn to build your own Platform application. Read about our updated tutorial that walks you through the process of creating your own application.


Added Automate transaction matching: Create a more efficient workflow by letting Sage Intacct create vendor invoices for you and match them to existing purchasing transactions. Read about our expanded Early Adopter program.
Updated Submitters now receive approval notifications: Users who submit purchasing transactions for approval are now notified when the transaction is approved or declined.

Real Estate

Added Enhanced integration with Sage Intacct Real Estate: Access Sage Intacct Real Estate without leaving Sage Intacct. Learn more about integrating with Sage Intacct Real Estate.

Reporting – Financial

Added Version history for financial reports: If a financial report is no longer working the way you want, the report’s history can help you get it working again. Learn how to review a report’s history and restore a previous version of the report.
Updated Improved process for setting up report schedules: We’ve improved report schedules to prevent your system from getting stuck running a large number of reports for past dates.

Time and expenses

Added New permission for employee bank details: Assign the new permission to unmask employee bank details, which allows users to see and verify account numbers. Learn about the new employee permission to unmask bank details.
Updated Enhancements to bank file payments: Now you can import and update employees for bank file payments through CSV import and filter by expense currency on the Select to Pay page. Enhancements to bank file payments.

User Experience

Updated Lists enhancements: Get key improvements to more easily drill down to view required data. Learn more about the enhanced list features.
Updated user interface labels: We updated labels in Accounts Receivable, Company, General Ledger, Inventory Control, Order Entry, Projects, Purchasing, and Time and Expenses. Learn more about label changes.

Web Services

Dev portal Stay up-to-date on great new Web Services features in the Sage Intacct Developers portal blog.

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