Getting Ready for 1099s with Sage Intacct – 8 Tips to Process your 1099s


Are you ready for processing your 1099 within Sage Intacct ConstructionETHOSystems has put together a year-end webinar for our clients so you are ready to handle 1099s.

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Here are some 1099 Tips and Tricks to make your year-end process easy.

Tip 1:

Make Sure your Vendors are set up correctly.  When setting up a Vendor, there 4 fields you need to make sure they are filled in

  • Tax ID
  • 1099 Name – Only needs to be entered if it’s different from the “Print as” name.
  • Form 1099
  • 1099 Contact

Tip 2:

Select the right 1099 Form.  Remember that in 1099 Misc – Box 7 has been removed and now goes on the 1099 NEC (Nonemployee Compensation) Box 1.

  • The screen allows you to enter your beginning balances in case you did a midyear conversion. Any additional bills will be added to these totals.
  • If you need to reduce the Vendor’s 1099 amount, you can enter a negative number.

Tip 3:

If you set up a vendor incorrectly, when you change the 1099 Form, it will ask you if want to change your historical transactions.

Tip 4:

Run the 1099 Report First to make sure all the data and information is accurate.

Tip 5:

You can order your forms from Sage Intacct HERE

Tip 6:

Sage Intacct will create a 1099 file, but this is not the one that will import directly to the IRS.  You need to upload the file with one of the Sage Intacct Marketplace Vendors who will file it for you.  This is usually needed if you have over 250 1099s.

Tip 7:

Do not wait until January 31st when your 1099s are due.  Please try to complete by January 17th.

Tip 8:

If you make a mistake and must send them out again, click the “Corrected” Box in the Form 1099 Printing.

If you have any questions about Sage Intacct or the 1099 process, please contact us here at ETHOSystems!


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