How to Pay Bill by Job.

In Sage Intacct, you can Pay Bills by a job by following these steps:

Under the Pay Bills Screen click on the “Filter By” option and select “Add a filter set”

Screen Shot of Sage Intacct template screen for Pay Bills
Screen Shot of initial screen for Pay Bills in Sage Intacct

Create a new filter as show below.  Make the Filter Name equal to the Job Number.  Click the “Share Filter” option so others can use the same predefined settings.  Under the Drill Down Filters, choose “Bill Item”, set the attribute to “Job” and set the value to equal the job. You can create lots of other filters, but this is to filter by job only.

Screen shot from Sage intacct Showing advanced filter screen
Sage Intacct Advanced Filters screen

Save the filter and when you are in the screen, select the new filter and click Apply

Screen shot from Sage Intacct showing Pay Bills screen
The Sage Intacct Pay Bills screen