Intacct Interactive Custom Report Writer (ICRW) Tips and Tricks #MakeYourForemanHappy

Sage Intacct Interactive Custom Report Writer (ICRW) Tips and Tricks

For Intacct clients, especially those using the Construction Edition, the Interactive Custom Report Writer (ICRW) is a requirement to get the reports you need, especially that WIP report. Getting started with ICRW is sometimes a little tricky so ETHOSystems has put together a video for our client here>>>

However, here are some of the best Tips and Tricks for ICRW.

Tip #1 – Before creating a report from scratch, see if you can copy it from the Standard Reporting Library.

Currently, there are over 80 reports in the Standard Reports Library.  You can also learn great setup and formatting techniques.  Remember…use “Save As” to copy the report to your company environment.

Tip 2 – The Reporting Area is important

Selecting the Reporting Area will select the fields that the report will use.  Make sure to look at the reporting area notes to see the fields contained in this area.  Make sure to search the help and support for “Reporting Areas Reference” for a complete list.  Intacct will be adding new areas in future product releases.

Make sure your reporting area has all the correct fields BEFORE adding any fields and formatting.

Tip 3 – Adding fields to the Define Tab

Adding fields to the define tab first is faster than adding them during the refine process.  Always try to add the fields in the correct order.  MAKE SURE if the field is a dimension, select the field from the Dimension folder instead of the Attribute folder.  Also, adding a filter during the design phase to decrease the total number of rows will speed up your report design.

Tip 4 – Report Formatting

Use the Refine tab for your formatting, so you can see it as your build the report.  Make sure you SAVE OFTEN!!!

Tip 5 – Adding Subtotals and Grand Totals

When you add totals and grand totals, make sure they are based upon the columns and not the section headers.  Otherwise, they will not work correctly.

Tip 6 – Adding Report Drill Down to the Source Document

Make sure you add the ability to drill down on the data in your report to the source document.  Seach the Reporting Area for the available field using “Drill”.  Make sure you hide the DrillID Column.  The data that can be drilled down will show on the report in blue, just like the Standard Intacct Reports.


If you have any questions about Sage Intacct or ICRW, please contact us here at ETHOSystems!  We have created a large number of reports for clients, especially around the Construction Industry.

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