Using best practices when setting up Project Estimates within Sage Intacct allows you to enter projected costs against the Project, Cost Codes, and Cost Type.  You can create change order estimates.  Once set up, you can then track the actual costs against your estimate.  Sage Intacct tracks this by posting the Project Estimates to the Budget within the General Ledger.

Screen of Sage intacct Project Management
Project Estimates in Sage Intacct


Best practices for posting project estimates in Sage Intacct

  • If you posted an estimate to the wrong budget, open the estimate and change the budget ID to the right one. Saving the estimate again removes the amounts from the wrong budget and posts them to the correct one.
  • To remove a previously posted change request from the estimate, go to the change request and select a change request status that is mapped to a None workflow type. Posting that change request removes previously posted change requests from the estimate.
  • To remove amounts posted to a budget, open the estimate and clear the Post to GL budget checkbox. Saving the estimate removes the posted amounts.
  • Changing the estimate status doesn’t remove amounts from the budget.
  • If you’ve already posted an estimate to a budget, then add lines to the estimate later, saving the estimate again updates the budget with your changes automatically.