Sage 100 Contractor can help with your labor shortage #StopMeIfYou’veHeardThis

Built-in tools in your Sage 100 Contractor software


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Construction labor has been a scarce resource for both the field and office — even before the coronavirus and its impact. Keeping your workforce healthy needs to be a priority for your company’s success. Sage 100 Contractor has built-in tools to help you keep your force in top shape.

Here are some specific ways your Sage 100 Contractor software can help track employee data, PTO, and HR requirements.

Use your Employee setup to track vital data

  • Use the Licenses and Training tabs in the Employee setup (menu option 5-2-1) screen to track required training and certifications.
  • Encourage and track safety training, CPR certifications and similar renewable requirements on the employee screen. You can use this in conjunction with Scheduled Reports and/or Alerts to make sure important training is not missed and certifications stay up to date.
  • Track PTO time on the Compensation tab in the Employee screen (menu option 5-2-1).

Managing Paid Time Off (PTO)

In addition to new COVID requirements, many states are now mandating PTO. Even without a mandate, employers are being encouraged to provide paid time off for employee’s health needs. The Compensation tab on the employee screen has fields to track both vacation and sick time. Additionally, there is a way to denote Federal Government jobs that require accruals. It is also simple to add a field to the employee paystub to inform them of their available hours using common Form Design tools.

HR forms in Sage 100 CON

Use HR forms (menu option 5-3-9) to create any HR forms needed, including a customizable employee handbook.

Did you know an HR menu is available to create and customize forms including an employee handbook? This is an excellent way to make sure your employee communications are consistent and complete. You can also use the forms packets to send employees the appropriate 30-day, 60-day and other timed notices for benefits eligibility and other deadlines.

Document Incidents via Daily Field Reports

Use Daily Field Reports (menu option 6-11-6) to track Safety Meetings and to document incidents.

Tracking safety meeting attendance and documenting incidents and injuries is easy using the Daily Field Reports at menu option 6-11-6. Since you are using a database you could pull data by date, employee, job or other relevant criteria to help improve the workplace conditions.

It’s already in your software!

The more information you have the better you can respond to whatever may happen. And some of the steps above make your workplace better- enough to help with employee retention.

A happier and healthier workforce will save many times more than you spend, especially since you already own the software required to do almost everything above. You need to decide on your company policies and modify your processes and some forms to get started.

And if you need to get data INTO your system, learn how here.

by Pam Schulz, Sage Senior Certified Consultant

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