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Sage Intacct Attachments

One of the best ways to have supporting documentation on transactions within Sage Intacct is to use the Attachment feature.  By having attachments, you can store PDF, Office Documents, and Images to master files and transactions within the system.  Some best uses for attachments are:

  • Vendor W-9 – We recommend storing all Vendor W-9s within Sage Intacct to make sure all IRS-required information is stored in one place.
  • Customer Sales Tax Exemption Certificates – This way if someone questions why a customer is not paying sales tax, it is available in the customer record.
  • Vendor Bills or Invoices – All bills or invoices received from a vendor are stored in the system for backup. This allows you to also see the bill and the data entry in one place instead of looking in two different systems.
  • Bank Statements – This is great for making sure your bank reconciliations are correct and properly supported.
  • Job or Project Supporting Documents – Once awarded to a job or project, all supporting documents are to be attached to the project so information is stored in one place.

Sage Intacct does not charge for data storage of the attachments, so we recommend using this on every transaction.

How to Set Up Attachments

1. Under Company Information, you need to create an Attachment Sequence Number:

We like to have all our attachments start with “ATCH” as the best standard.

2. Under Company Information, create attachment folders. Some people keep it high level, some create folders for each vendor or customer, and some create folders based on the type of transaction.  This is 100% up to you.  Remember, that you can create subfolders so you can get as detailed as you want.

3. Give the users permission to use Attachment Folders and Attachments. This is done through User or Role Security (NOTE: Role Security is the best). These settings can be found under the Company Module.

4. Start using attachments by simply dragging & dropping the attachment field on the Intacct Screen.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can have more than one attachment per record. If you click the paperclip icon next to the field, it will allow you to see each of the attachments and you can also remove unwanted attachments by clicking the edit button on the screen.
  • Users can assign themselves a default folder under “My Preferences”.
  • An employee can best be assigned a default folder under the Employee Maintenance Screen.

If you have any questions on how to use Sage Intacct Attachments, especially around the Construction Edition, please contact us here at ETHOSystems!

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