Three easy steps!

by Renee Mullen, Sage Marketing Manageretakeoff-default-values

When doing takeoffs, have you ever wished that the location or other WBS values would automatically be assigned to items? Sage SQL Estimating not only makes this easy to do but also allows you to see what default values you’ve assigned as you’re doing a takeoff.

  1. In Estimating, from the Takeoff tab click Default Values(the window can be left floating or docked in the spreadsheet window).
  2. In the Default Values window choose default WBS codes, Location, or Alternate assignment.
  3. Leave the Default Values window open as you perform the take-off for the defaults to be assigned to items as they are taken off.

Leaving the Default Values window open during takeoff is a slight change from the Pervasive version. SQL allows the estimator to always know which defaults are chosen and to make changes to the defaults on the fly without having to find and relaunch the Default Values window.

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