by Joanie Hollabaugh, Sr. Director of Marketing

Is your Sage CRE software idling or racing along?

Any Professional Services organization’s goal should be more than implementing new software or training staff to do efficient data entry.high-performance

A true partner has a loftier mission, based upon a client’s business needs. And that means maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the client regarding software performance versus function. The goal of the dialogue is to create (and adjust) a solution to perform to corporate goals – even withstanding shifting economic conditions.

Commitment on both sides

When was the last time you had a conversation with the software seller’s consultant team? Haven’t seen them since implementation and training four years ago? If you’re like most companies, you simply update your software without taking the time to learn the new functions, features, and capabilities you didn’t access on implementation. Do you tap your PSG consultant’s expertise to make the solution PERFORM and not simply FUNCTION?

You may want to consider scheduling a Professional Services solution analysis. Make it your goal to create a collaborative strategic plan to maximize the untapped potential of your investment.

5 things to discuss with your Professional Services consultant:

  1. Did the project delivery translate into financial success?
  2. Are you receiving information in enough time to improve cash flow and revenue forecasting?
  3. Can you improve productivity, resulting in increased profitability?
  4. Are the field and back-office disconnected, slowing down productivity and profit?
  5. Is your solution configured to minimize risk and optimize compliance?


Is it time for your company to move into high-performance mode?

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