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No one gets too worked up about an oil change or filter replacement, or even a dealer recall. And if you get a crack in your windshield you wouldn’t replace your whole car. Or would you? We frequently experience clients who will change out the 85% of the software that works, for the 15% that doesn’t! That’s why ETHOSystems highly recommends checking your whole system – together! Sage sends out an invoice 60 days prior to your annual renewal. Undoubtedly, that would be a perfect time to schedule a free annual audit to tune up your accounting software.

Check Under the Hood…

We have a client that has 35 people in the office, and another 60 in the field, all pulling licenses. Running reports takes FOREVER. Everyone is complaining about how slowww the system is! Actually, the problem is not the software. Here are three recommendations on how to tune up your accounting software:

Recommendation #1 – Review the version and upgrades

We have clients who regularly upgrade their systems to the latest version – and then ignore it (or receive them and never install them). Granted, release notes are the driest thing in the world to read, but they contain CRITICAL feature enhancement information, fixes, and speedy new improvements.

And if you’re a good do-be and someone actually DOES read them  — do you have a process where this information is disseminated to your users? Do you have a power user who can train employees on how to leverage efficiencies and update internal processes? YOU PAID FOR IT – are you cruising along at full potential, or are you stuck in first gear?

Recommendation #2 – Review the server environment

Are you using a third-party IT service? Are they reviewing the minimum system requirements for every version upgrade or just telling you everything’s OK with your hardware? You could be seriously underpowered for the demand, causing your own sluggish performance!

Perhaps it’s time to invest in more storage, or to time to move to the cloud and not worry about purchasing more physical servers. Especially if you have or want mobility in the field. NOTHING will run quickly if you’re logging into Terminal Services from an iPad.

Recommendation #3 – Reinvest in integration

Even worse than scenario #1, where enhancements are ignored, is the one where clients pay for an integration solution – and NEVER USE IT. We regularly see clients who have purchased My Assistant or Construction Project Center, who have never implemented it. This is a total net loss!!

Or other clients who NEED an inexpensive fix like My Assistant or Construction Project Center – and are replacing the core software. With an audit, you can identify the gaps, and we can help you fix them, without throwing away the initial investment. You may have to spend a little, but it’s minor in comparison.

Preparing for an Audit

If you follow our suggestion to put a calendar reminder on your renewal invoice, you’ll give yourself two months to learn how to optimize your system. Invite your key users to the meeting, and perhaps your financial executives. Plan for 2-3 hours for ETHOSystems to ask questions, and propose solutions.

If you are like some clients, you’re probably using that 85% potential, but the 15% pain has you out sticker shopping. We promise we can get you up to 90-95% full potential. Nothing is 100% perfect — we can’t account for traffic!

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