The Sage Intacct shortcut keys: Our team here at ETHOSystems find that these shortcuts come in handy when multitasking. If you’re a Mac user, try the suggestions at the bottom of the list.


Records and transactions

Alt + S Save this record or transaction
Alt + Q Cancel
Alt + W Save this record and start a new one

Post this transaction and start a new one

Alt + K Go back from an error page
Tab Move to the next field
Shift + Tab Move to the previous field
Spacebar Select or clear a checkbox
Alt + D + Enter Open a new browser window so you can work in

more than one page at a time

Line-item entry area in transactions

Ctrl + Down Arrow Open a line-item detail area
Ctrl + Up Arrow Close a line-item detail area
Alt + Down Arrow Move to the next line item, or next detail area if open
Alt + Up Arrow Move to the previous line item, or previous detail area if open
Ctrl + {Highlight cell value} Copy the selected cell value and paste it into a new cell in an Entries grid (drag the highlighted value and drop it in the desired location)

Drop-down fields

Alt + Down Arrow

Alt + P

Display the drop-down list
Down Arrow Move down the drop-down list
Up Arrow Move up the drop-down list
Tab Select an item and move to the next field
{Letter Key} Jump to the first list item starting with that letter
{sequence of letter keys} Auto-fill the input box with things that start with that sequence. For example, if you type san in a location box, the system could display a list that includes San DiegoSan FranciscoSan Jose, and Santa Monica.

Calculations in amount fields

+ – * / Enter operator in amount field to display calculator tape
= Display result in the tape
Enter Display result in the tape
Esc Clear the result and close the calculator

Date fields

T Today’s date
+ Increments the date by one day
Decrements the date by one day
Y First day of the current year
R Last day of the current year
M First day of the current month
H Last day of the current month
W First day of the current week
K Last day of the current week

Date fields – based on date format

{n} ‘n-th’ month, current day and year
/ {n} ‘n-th’ day of the current month and year
/ / {n} ‘n-th’ year, current day and month


Calendar tool in date field

Ctrl + Home Open calendar
PgUp Previous month
PgDn Next month
Ctrl + PgUp Previous year
Ctrl + PgDn Next year
Ctrl + Home Current month
Ctrl + Left Arrow Previous day
Ctrl + Right Arrow Next day
Ctrl + Up Arrow Previous week
Ctrl + Down Arrow Next week
Enter Accept the selected date
Ctrl + End Close the calendar and erase the date
Esc Close the calendar without selecting anything

Mac users

Most of the single-key shortcuts translate as-is to Mac, and you can use them as outlined above. Although not all shortcuts that use a combination of keys translate to Mac, in most cases you can substitute Mac keys for PC keys as follows:

PC key Mac substitute
Ctrl Command
Home Fn + Left Arrow
End Fn + Right Arrow