How to process joint checks in Sage Intacct Construction. Joint checks are used by general contractors for checks that must be made jointly to the Subcontractor and the Subcontractor’s material supplies.  We will show you how to set this up within Sage Intacct.

When setting up a vendor, for any Joint Checks, set the Subcontract and Supplier as contact in the contact list as shown below.

Screen Shot from Sage Intacct
Vendor information screen in Sage Intacct

You will need to click on the Add Button in the Contact List to create the combined name.

Screen shot from Sage Intacct create name
Sage Intacct Create Name Screen


Also, make sure you put the combined name in the “Print As” field.  The “Print As” field prints on the checks.

Screen shot of contact information from Sage Intacct
Contact information from Sage Intacct


When setting up the vendor, make sure the “Merge Payment Requests” is unchecked.

Screen Shot of Vendor Information from Sage Intacct
Vendor Information from Sage Intacct

When entering the Bill, make sure to enter the Contact with both names as the Pay To, and it recommended to put the supplier’s name with the bill number.

Screen Shot of Bill Entry Screen in Sage Intacct
Bill Entry Screen Sage Intacct

When paying bills, make sure the “Payment request method” to “Merge request into one per vendor pay t contact”

Screen shot of pay bills screen in Sage Intacct
Pay Bills Screen in Sage Intacct

The Joint Check will look like this

screen shot of the joint check from Sage Intacct
Joint Check when issued from Sage Intacct