On November 12th, 2021 Sage Intacct Released R4.  With Sage Intacct, there are 4 releases each year and they are provided for all users running Sage Intacct.  This allows clients to always be updated, without having to pay their partner to apply the update.

If you want to preview a release before it’s generally available, please contact ETHOSystems to add you to the program.

We are excited for the changes in 2022, including Construction Payroll!

Company and Administration

Added New and updated permissions: We updated permissions for AR Advances and added new permissions for Release restrictions.
Change Terminology throughout Sage Intacct: You can now change your company-specific term for Employee in Platform pages and menus. Learn more.
Coming soon Migrate to multi-entity: We’ll be migrating select single entity companies to multi-entity companies with a top-level in 2022 R2. Will you be among the first to upgrade?
Retired Internet Explorer (IE) 11 is retiring: Sage Intacct removed Internet Explorer from the list of browsers that you can use.

Accounts Payable

Added AP subledger audit trail: You can now track changes to your subledger books through the audit trail.
Approve Payments: Customize your payment approval experience with new list management features.
Bills list enhancements: Save clicks by viewing attachments directly from the Bills list.
GL insight on AP transactions: Quickly validate GL posting details without leaving the bill or payment.
Updated Greater visibility in AP subledger reports: Negative and positive total amounts appear automatically for offset GL accounts, in the GL report.

Accounts Receivable

Added Customize aging periods in statements: You can now customize the aging periods that appear in customer statements.
Visibility into GL posting: Invoices and posted payments now have a GL posting tab for greater financial visibility.
New functionality for advances: New functionality for customer advances includes the ability to run custom reports, set up Smart Events and Smart Rules, and the option to edit an advance not yet applied.
Automatically batching payment summaries for advances: You can now specify how you want Intacct to automatically batch your payment summaries when you receive a customer advance.
Updated AR subledger audit trail: You can now track changes to your subledger books through the audit trail.
Updates to advances: Customer advances got a refreshed user interfaceclearer user permissions, and many other enhancements this release.
Greater clarity in AR subledger reports: Negative and positive total amounts appear automatically for offset GL accounts in the GL report.

Budgeting and Planning

Updated New way to access Spend Management configuration: You now access Spend Management from the Budgets menu.
Budgets graduates to its own menu: Budgets is now a separate menu, and the submenu called Budgets is now the Budgets repository. Check out the new workflow.
Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning: Sage Intacct offers an add-on module that greatly expands budgeting and planning capabilities. Learn more.

Cash Management

Added Cash and multi-book companies: Configure Cash Management so credit card transactions and fees post to the GL as soon as they are created.
Increased functionality: Create a draft match with journal entries during reconciliation.
Updated Vendor Payments: We’re continuing the Early Adopter Program for Vendor Payments powered by CSI. With this release, you can select which account you want your rebates deposited into.


Added Email or print change requests: Use email and printed document templates to share project change requests, with your project owners, employees, and vendors.
Delete change order documents: A new configuration option in Purchasing and Order Entry (OE) validates whether line references exist between change order documents, which determines the order in which you can delete change order documents.
Updated Construction Early Adopter program expands functionality: Email or print change requests and configure Purchasing and Order Entry (OE) to delete change order documents. Learn more.


Added New Beta function: Try out the bulk action run beta feature and get new insights on who did what when.
Record locking: We added automatic record locking to prevent data from being overwritten when multiple users try to update the same contract at the same time.
Updated Paid activity now uses the AR Receipt dateIntacct now uses the AR Receipt date instead of the AR Payment date to reclassify Unbilled and Billed amounts to Paid amounts.
New MEA validations: We added validations to MEA allocations that contain both positive and negative contract lines to reduce exchange rate issues.
Less noise in Transaction historyMEA journal entries are now summarized when an MEA is allocated.

General Ledger

Updated More detailed reporting for offset accounts: Negative and positive total amounts appear automatically for offset GL accounts, Positive and negative account totals appear separately in General Ledger report
Not for profit organizations: Trigger the release of purpose-based restricted funds for qualified expenses automatically.

Inventory Control

Added Quantity available calculation enhancement: Use the new options to specify whether the calculation includes quantities for on order and in transit.
Updated Enhanced integrity: We are limiting when the Inventory Control application and certain features within the application can be turned off to improve system and data integrity.
Usability enhancements: We revised the labels for enabling kitting to be more descriptive and intuitive.

Order Entry

Added Enter line items with greater efficiency: See the quantity on hand and quantity available for a line without running a report.
Get default unit of measure groups without subscribing to Inventory Control: The default unit of measure groups are now created when you subscribe to Order Entry, making it easier to create your first non-inventory item.


Added Get default unit of measure groups without subscribing to Inventory Control: The default unit of measure groups are now created when you subscribe to Purchasing, making it easier to create your first non-inventory item.
Updated The Three-way match Early Adopter program continues: We introduced the program for Three-way match in 2021 Release 2. The program continues in be available in Release 4 to give you more time to try it out.

The Early Adopter program provides qualified functionality to a specific set of Sage Intacct customers who use Purchasing. If you’d like to consider being an early adopter, contact your account manager.


Added New scheduled report trigger for GL close: Have Intacct run scheduled reports automatically on a close.
Updated Financial Report Writer computation column names: It’s now easier to work with computations. You can name and provide a description for computations to increase comprehension.


Added ICRW and IVE QuickStart templates: You can now access ICRW reports and IVE visual boards QuickStart templates from the Report Center.

Sage Intacct Advanced CRM

Added Statistical Journals in Salesforce: You can now make statistical journal and journal entries in Salesforce. Get the details.


Added Support for Canadian tax submissions: Make your tax filing process easier by generating tax reports for GST and HST Canadian tax submissions.
Print corrected 1099 forms: Make a mistake? Now you can print a corrected 1099 form.
Updated 1099s: Forms are available now. Get a head start on what you need to know for this tax season.
Add and remove standard tax solutions: Reduce confusion and streamline your setup processes by customizing the list of available tax solutions to the solutions relevant to your company’s needs.
Edit transactions after tax submission: You now have increased flexibility to edit non-accounting fields in Order Entry and Purchasing transactions after those transactions have been included in a tax submission.
Reverse charge support for United Kingdom customers: You can update Accounts Payable adjustments and associated payments to correctly process reverse charges for companies in the United Kingdom.
Support for dual-method accounting: We expanded support for accrual and cash accounting in the Taxes application to both new and existing customers.
Increased flexibility for tax schedule naming: We removed the constraints on tax schedule names so that you can reuse the same tax schedule name across different standard and custom tax solutions.
Tax object reuse for tax solutions: We removed constraints on tax objects in our standard tax solutions to allow customers to reuse those tax objects when customizing their tax solutions.

User Experience

Coming Soon The future in lists: Get key improvements to more easily drill down to view required data. Learn more
Updated Updated UI labels: We updated UI labels in General Ledger and Inventory to improve clarity, accuracy, and consistency.

Web Services

Added Highlights include:

· In Accounts Receivable, you can use the new ARADVANCE object to record advances from customers before creating invoices, such as if a customer pays a deposit or retainer.

· In the Early Adopter Program for electronic payment providers, you can now create a provider bank account specifically designated for rebates. In addition, you can create or update vendors and use the new PROVIDERVENDOR parameter link to electronic payment providers.

Dev portal Watch the Sage Intacct Developers portal blog to stay up-to-date on great new features in Web Services.